Acting Principal's Message

EWC Graduation 2021

Mr Peter Mudau - Acting Principal

September, 2021

Programme Director, Ms Duduzile Zwane; Chairperson of College Council, Advocate Chris Setlhako; Broad Management Team here today, Graduation Working Committee of EWC; Student Representative Council; Graduates; Parents - Good morning!

First and foremost, I wish to congratulate you, our new graduates, on your tremendous achievement. Well done.

I am intensely grateful to you graduates who are graduating today during spring season. May this be your awaking season in terms of finding job opportunities and prosperity. May you begin to flourish and bloom like beautiful flowers.

As you graduate now, in 2021, you have the opportunity to do your part, to help create a better future for your families, a better future for your communities, and a better future for your country. I encourage you to make a noticeable difference. For those who are economically active, please assist your fellow graduates who are still looking for opportunities, and also consider ploughing back to the college in any way. Wherever you are, please play our ambassadors role.

Graduates, with great anguish, you are graduating at a time where the world is surrounded by anxiety, fear, panic and stress about the fragility of human life. Thousands have died, and more people are dying. There are great possibilities that all of us were, or are, affected in some way or the other as a result of COVID-19.

Ladies and gentlemen, when the country entered a total lockdown in the face of the pandemic, EWC started a process of doing things differently. The College geared itself to ensuring continuity in its teaching and learning activities. Teaching practice at the college radically changed following the COVID-19 pandemic from contact lessons to using digital platforms.

What was apparent was that there was a 'new normal,' with all teaching and learning activities taking place with other means to teach students. Academic staff had to rapidly prepare and capacitate themselves for the remote teaching, which was hardly a new concept. It is indeed business unusual but both lecturers and support staffs' hands are on the deck, ensuring that the core function of the college, which is educating, is running.

In response to the new normal, as a college, we reengineered and recreated the way we operate the core business process with the goal of improving our teaching and learning in a way which will be effective and befitting the changing world of today that is moving towards digitalization. Thank heavens, we are thriving through.

As EWC, we are harnessing and take advantage of technology to help with educational continuity and deploy education technology to power up our college in a way that meets the teaching and learning needs of students and lecturers. As part of the teaching and learning intervention, we take pride in the fact that the college implemented a Learning Management System that is geared to assisting the students to access their lessons online. This is a great tool to use to enhance students' learning ability in this digital era.

To all the graduates who were conferred here today, thank you. Let me also recognise parents, guardians, friends and family members, who made this day possible by mentoring, encouraging and providing financial support to you, the graduates. Parents, the time and resources you have invested in your children have paid off, and that is the cause for our celebration today. We are all now witnessing the fruits of your parents', friends' and family members' support and results of your toil and selfless sacrifice, as well as your total dedication towards your education. I urge you to give each other a virtual hug, since this was a team effort - you really deserve it.

Let me acknowledge the contributions of your lecturers, support staff, cleaners and gardeners, and security officials. All these people have laboured to create a special intellectual, social and physical environment at EWC to support you and to enable you to succeed.

Graduates, you have had the honour of studying at a very special and distinctive college, one that deservedly commands an enviable academic reputation in the country; and today, you leave EWC, heading out to the world as better people. You are going out to the world, which expects a lot from you. You will face challenges, including those brought by COVID-19, but be faithful to your cause. We have trained you to be critical thinkers, ready to face the job market, but also resilient entrepreneurs. As a college, we are not worried, because we have prepared you as best as we could.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all the EWC officials who worked tirelessly to ensure that this graduation would be a success. Academic division, Student Affairs, IT, and Marketing Division, thank you. Your work has not gone unnoticed. Ro I vhona mishumo ya vheiwe.

To everyone, I say let us continue to mask up and observe all the COVID-19 preventative measures.

Thank you. Ndi a livhuwa.

Peter Mudau
Acting Principal


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