Mata Magoro - EWC graduate, artisan and entrepreneur.

Matamba Lesly Magoro is a young artisan and entrepreneur from Tembisa. He is a former student of Ekurhuleni West TVET College, Tembisa Campus. He established Magoro Electrical and Supplies (Pty) Ltd in 2016, but his business started trading in 2020, after he was certified a qualified artisan at Indlela Trade Test Centre in Olifantsfontein.

His entrepreneurial and electrical career began at an early age, when he was still a high school leaner at Ha-Masia village, Venda, Limpopo province. He would fix electrical appliances for his neighbours at a minimal price. He used the income he got from fixing broken appliances for pocket money for his brothers and himself.

After he completed Grade 12, he moved to Gauteng province to further his studies in the electrical field, a move he took to follow his passion. He registered at Ekurhuleni West TVET College, Tembisa Campus, in 2013. "This was the year that the minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, declared 2013 'the year of the Artisan' at Tembisa Campus. After the event, I told myself that one day, come rain or shine, I will be counted as one of the artisans in South Africa," said Matamba. "While I was studying at the College, I continued fixing electrical appliances for residents in and around the Tembisa area. People would also call me to install electricity in their newly built back rooms for rentals, and to fix loose connections in their houses," he added.

After completing his Level 4, he got a Dual System Pilot Project (DSPP) electrical apprenticeship opportunity at the College, which was supported by Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), German Cooperation, and City of Ekurhuleni. "The apprenticeship programme ran for 3 years before I could be tested at Indlela Trade Test Centre. For me to complete my artisanship training, some days I would attend classes at the college and some days I would be doing real work at the site under the supervision of qualified artisans at the City of Ekurhuleni. While in training, I also got an opportunity to attend the STEM Summer School, where we were taught about Internet of Things, 4th Industrial Revolution, Technology and Digital trends," sais Mata. (DSPP is a multi-stakeholder initiative, initiated by the Department of Higher Education and Training.)

After being certified an Electrical artisan, he got a job at a German company, where he worked for 4 months. He resigned so that he could focus his energy on building and growing his company. "Since the company started to operate fully, it is growing from strength to strength. I have secured contracts to install electricity and solar systems in houses, schools, and businesses, as well as doing electricity maintenance. My business is not only limited to electrical services. We also do plumbing and ceiling installation. I have employed 12 people who are working for me on a full-time basis." he said.

Mr Isiah Modiba, an Executive Director of Child Academy School in Tembisa, is one of the clients who expressed his gratitude for the professional work done by Magoro Electrical Supplies. They installed a solar power system which provides energy to 9 blocks and a borehole. The school accommodates over 1900 learners.

The minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, declared the year 2013 the year of Artisans. In 2014, he declared 2014-2024 a decade of artisans with the theme, "it is cool to be a 21st century artisan." Also in 2014, Minister of Small Business Development, the Hon. Lindiwe Zulu, encouraged young people to start businesses to create job opportunities in the quest to reduce joblessness. She said that Entrepreneurs were vital to a healthy economy.

At a time when South Africa is struggling with a high unemployment rate, Mata Lesly Magoro is amongst the youth who are contributing to the country’s economy by creating jobs. "Indeed, it is cool to be an artisan. I am happy that I am not only putting bread on my table, but also on other family's tables," was his closing remark.

Mata Lesly Magoro. Solar panels being installed by Magoro Electrical and Supplies employees.


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