Principal's Message

Diploma Ceremony, 2019

Ms Ntombizodwa Dangazele - Acting Principal

May, 2019

A great book says, "You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Today, I see so many lights that are going to light up the world and shine in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome them. The light I am talking about is our special guests, 'our graduates' who, today, are getting the results of their toil and selfless sacrifice, total dedication and investment in a better future, not only for themselves, but South Africa as a whole.

Programme Director, Ms Duduzile Zwane; College Council Members; Ms Hellen Ntlatleng, Regional Manager: Gauteng and Free State; Executive Management of the College; Broad Management Team; Pastor Ngobeni; Mr Given Mkhari, who is our guest speaker; The Afro Tenors; College Partners; sponsors of the top achievers; invited guests; staff of EWC; Ladies and Gentlemen; good afternoon.

I am intensely grateful to you for choosing to celebrate the accomplishments of our students who are now graduating in this month in which we are celebrating Africa month. As Africans, we celebrate and acknowledge the successes of the African Union, from its creation in 1963 in the fight against colonialism and apartheid, as well as the progress that Africa has made, while reflecting upon the common challenges that the continent faces in a global environment.

Today, I am proud to say that the college is conferring graduates who are going to add to the pool of the work force that is going to continue to fight the ailments and challenges that the continent is facing, which are joblessness, moral decay, poverty and crime, in quest of achieving the aspirations of the African Union. By do so, we will be building the Africa that we and all Africans want.

Graduates and parents, we acknowledge the fact that you endured some difficult circumstances, where you, as parents, would sacrifice lots of things to make it possible for your children attain their qualifications; and we know that you, graduates, have committed long hours of hard work and made sacrifices for you to be where you are now. We really acknowledge that the journey for some of you was not rosy; it was difficult, but you thrived through.

My beloved graduates, through the indisputable power of your achievements, everyone who is witnessing this ceremony today can ascertain that this declares the dawn of a new era in your lives.

Now that you hold your qualifications, use them to transform your surroundings for the better. As graduates you should be committed to use the knowledge and skills you acquired to help South Africa to realise the 2030 vision of the National Development Plan. The country is looking up to you who are graduating here today to take the lead in raising employment through faster economic growth. We look to you to be at the forefront of the necessary transformation of our economy by either becoming part of the workforce or establishing your own businesses, and creating work for other people. I am certain that if you direct your skills, knowledge, ingenuity and consciousness, as a country, we will be on the right track to the eradication of poverty.

Ladies and gentlemen, our country is facing lots of challenges and scourges, from unemployment, to poverty, gender-based crime, crime in general and moral decay. We are crossing our fingers with hope that these graduates will assist the country to thrive through these plaques that are ravaging our country. We are hoping that they will become the light and the salt of the earth. We all know that the light outshines the darkness and that salt brings flavour to food or that salt is a flavour enhancer.

As a society, we appeal to you to inevitably influence the world for good, as salt has a positive influence on the flavour of the food it seasons. Where there is strife, you need to ease the situation and be peacemakers and ensure that you assist in reviving the moral fibre that is decaying in our people.

For those who are in employment or have established businesses, we appeal to you to assist in creating job opportunities for your fellow graduates and other people who might be in need of such opportunities. In so doing, you will be doing your bit towards the eradication of the scourges that are depriving the country of economic growth. You will be shedding light where there is darkness and putting flavour in this bitterness that the country is encountering.

May the torch you are holding never cease to light or hide from those that are in the dark looking for the light to shine upon them. I wish that you may not lose your saltiness so that you may continue to season and bring more flavour to the lives of those that are marginalised. Use your education to bring change to the world.

Parents, today, I salute you and share the joy of seeing your kids graduating today; they are my children as well. We have both cultivated a seed in them, which I hope will bear fruits that that are beneficial to you as parents, their communities and the country at large.

Ladies and gentlemen, for us to see a brighter day shining in our country we all need to heed the call of government in eradicating all the social ills and poverty. We can do that by extending our helping hands to the needy and marginalised.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me do what I have been called to do, which is to thank you. Thank you!!!

My sincere gratitude goes to the College Council for always steering this college in the right direction. Your presence here today is appreciated.

To all the sponsors of the top achievers, that is, Absa; Afrika Tool; Dippenaar and Reinecke; Excel Tool Group; Future Managers; Macmillan Publishers; Mardo Photos; Khandama Construction Company; Maditsela Catering Company; VMR Architects and Pearsons Publishing Company. We acknowledge and appreciate your gestures.

Partners and industry representatives - thank you for spending this special day with us. Some of these graduates are graduated today because you took it upon yourselves to train them and give them an opportunity to acquire experiential training.

Pastor Mojalefa, thank you for gracing and blessing this ceremony. As a nation, we always need God's intervention in all things we do.

Our guest speaker, Mr Mkhari - thank you for making time to be with us today as well as sharing your motivational speech.

Afro Tenors, thank you for your soulful musical renditions. Your songs always sooth our souls.

Transnet School of Rail - thank you for always accommodating us when we have events of this nature.

Murangi Productions - thank you for providing your audio-visual system and live-streaming to the extra viewing area.

To the Executive Management and Broad Management of the college - thank you for always putting this college ahead of your needs and supporting the activities of the college.

To the staff, thank you for always dedicating your time towards the college as well as nurturing the needs of the students. Today, you are seeing the fruits of your labours.

Marketing and Academic divisions - thank you so much for making this event a success. I know that for this to happen, long hours of work were spent in ensuring that this ceremony becomes a success.

Invited guests, thank you for spending this day witnessing this joyous moment with us,

Parents and students, ke a leboga.

Last, but not least, our Programme Director, Ms Duduzile Zwane - thank you for sailing this ship. We have arrived.

Thank you all.

Ntombizodwa Dangazele
Acting Principal


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