EWC's First Female SRC Executive President!

April 2017

SRC President 2017,
 Zanele Mndaweni.

While South Africa is divided on whether the country is ready for a woman president, Zanele Mndaweni has ascended to the driving seat of the College’s Student Representative Council. The twenty-one-year-old's climb to the prestigious seat marked an end to the customary male domination in the history of the College since its merger in 2003, to make her the first female Executive SRC President. Ekurhuleni West TVET College is known for its progressive transformation in terms of woman empowerment, as three out of four Executive Managers are women.

SRC Deputy President
Lucky Mongwai
SRC Secretary
Tsie Rahlagane
SRC Treasurer
Themba Tshabalala

Zanele, a Level 4 Finance student at Tembisa Campus, was elected on the 1st of April by twenty four other representatives of the six college campuses at a workshop, induction and elective conference. This was organized by the Student Support Services and Academic Affairs offices, through an independent election body. Zanele is flanked by three masculine lieutenants from Alberton, Boksburg and Kathorus Campuses respectively, who took office as her Deputy, Secretary and Treasurer. The remaining twenty members occupy portfolios in Community Service, Events and Communications coordination and Sports, Arts, Culture and Social coordination at campus level.

The newly elected 2017 President is a staunch believer in negotiation and human development, especially for students. Evidence of that is her affiliation with two student empowerment programmes at Tembisa Campus. One of these collects academic books from previous students where there is a shortage, and the other is a peer-support project, where students assist one another tutorially.

Ms Priscilla Lehoko

"Gone are the days of gender stigma attached to leadership roles. We are a new generation that embraces transformation in and across all spheres. A new era should open doors for positive changes that desire to equip students with relevant and current knowledge to allow them to reach greater heights. Our goal is to influence a decline in violent student protests, as vandalism on infrastructure is a setback to our future careers. Through negotiations with stakeholders, we can successfully realize our mandate as the student representative body," said Zanele.

According to the CET-ACT of 2006, the SRC has a responsibility to represent students at the Academic Board and the College Council meetings, through its President, and to represent students in all matters affecting them.

Acting Deputy Principal: Academic Affairs, Ms Priscilla Lehoko, described the gathering as a platform to empower the SRC to be able to perform their duties with confidence through knowledge shared in the sessions. The Deputy Principal believes the SRC is part of Governance, therefore every TVET institution needs their involvement in those issues

"This is also a session for students to identify their strengths so that the election of the four SRC Executive members is conducted successfully, with suitable leaders placed in suitable positions," said Ms Lehoko.

The workshop was focused on, amongst other things, Leadership, Communications, Strategies and SRC Constitution.



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