Occupational Programmes

Please note: The College/ Campuses reserve the right to only offer courses/ programmes that are justified by student numbers, to change the location/ venue of programme offerings and to cancel the programme/s.

Occupational Programmes - Learning linked to an occupation (job related aspects) as well as to SAQA standards and which serves as a building block that could lead to a full qualification. E.g. house wiring or appliance repairs, etc.


  • General Engineering
    10 weeks
    Admission Requirements:
    Grade 9 / ABET Level 4
    • Basic Hand Tools and Hand Skills
  • COMPTIA Membership Computer Engineering Courses
    Semester (part-time)
    Admission Requirements: Grade 9 / ABET Level 4 and Computer Literacy
    Recommendation: Pass ICDL
    • Computer Technician (A+ syllabus content)
    • Networking Technician (N+ syllabus content)
  • International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL)
    Trimester (full-time) or Semester (part-time)
    Admission Requirements:
    Grade 9 / ABET Level 4 and Computer Literacy
    Comprises of 7 Modules
    • Basic Concepts of IT
    • Using a Computer and Managing Files
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Database
    • Presentation Tools
    • Information and Communications
  • Introducing: Webstarter
    Duration: Trimester (Part-time) 
    Admission Requirement: Recommendation (ICDL pass or Grade 12 pass 
    with Computer Practice background).
    • Acquire core skills to design, create and maintain a website.
  • Information Technology Courses
    International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) Computer 
    Literacy (E-Learner)
    • IT Basics 
    • Files and folders 
    • Drawing 
    • Word Processing 
    • Spreadsheets 
    • Presentations
    • Web browsing and e-mail



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