Marketing Management

Please note: The College/ Campuses reserve the right to only offer courses/ programmes that are justified by student numbers, to change the location/ venue of programme offerings and to cancel the programme/s.

Post Grade 12 (N4 - N6)

Duration: 6 months per N-level

Minimum admission requirements:

  • NSC / N3 / Grade 12 for N4
  • N4 for N5
  • N5 for N6

General: Each subject covers a period of six months (January to June or July to November). Four subjects must be taken for each course. Students who passed N4, N5 and N6 will be issued with a certificate in the specific field of study.

Please contact the campus of your choice is admission requirement / subject choices or course packages are not specified as courses / programmes might be phased out.

To qualify for a National Diploma, students need to obtain and complete 18 months relevant practical experience.

Please note: N4to N6 is only offered at Kempton Campus on a part-time basis.


Marketing Management N4 Part-time
Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4 Part-time
Management Communication N4 Part-time
Introductory Computer Practice N4 Part-time
Computer Practice N4 Part-time



Marketing Management N5 Part-time
Entrepreneurship and Business Management N5 Part-time
Sales Management N5 Part-time
Computer Practice N4/N5 Part-time



Marketing Management N6 Part-time
Sales Management N6 Part-time
Marketing Communication N6 Part-time
Market Research N6 Part-time

Career opportunities:
Marketing Assistant, Sales Representative, Entrepreneur, Marketing & Communication Officer.


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